WTP Uses Secondary Containment Over Chlorine Gas Scrubber

Water Authority Takes Advantage of Special Secondary Containment Vessel for Chlorine Gas Cylinders

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February 26, 2019
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May 29, 2020
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ChlorTainer Total Containment System

Instrumentation on top of unit includes a fail-safe valve that ties into the chlorine leak detection sensor, so that in the event of an external release, the fail-safe valve will close, stopping any external leak.

Water Authority Takes Advantage of Special Secondary Containment Vessel for Chlorine Gas Cylinders to Avoid Scrubber Installation at Separate-Site Raw Water Pump Station

The Erie County (NY) Water Authority reports taking advantage of a special secondary containment vessel for a chlorine gas cylinder to avoid the need for another scrubber system at the separate-site raw water pump station that serves their 30 MGD conventional surface water treatment plant (SWTP).

The special vessel serves the one cylinder in use at the pump station, while a scrubber system serves the eight cylinders inside the plant. Installations similar to the one at the raw water pump station may be undertaken as part of a switch from liquid chlorination at various booster pump sites in its potable water distribution system.

“It’s been a big help economically to be able to use the containment vessel for the cylinder installation a half mile down the road from the plant,” said a staff representative. “We don’t have the very significant operations and maintenance (O&M) burden there that we have for the scrubber system in the plant. The risk management plan (RMP) says we have to either treat any gas leaks or contain them, and the containment option, which requires very little attention, allows us to avoid time and availability from the 2 full-time plant operators to regularly maintain another scrubber system, to help assure it will work if needed.”

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