Below are a variety of resources that will help you learn more about the benefits of using ChlorTainer.


Read articles from a variety of publications that have reported case studies about how ChlorTainer satisfied our customers’ wide array of needs. These articles focus on a range of topics from safety concerns to preference for the use of chlorine gas for disinfection. Clients from regions across the globe have chosen ChlorTainer. These articles will give you and an insider’s look from their experiences!


Read third-party technical evaluations of ChlorTainer’s Secondary Containment Vessels. These evaluations were designed to determine whether or not a leak within the ChlorTainer, would be contained. These evaluations also examine the external safety valves on the vessel in order to completely ensure our customers of ChlorTainer’s safety, integrity, and effectiveness.

Facility Design Suggestions

Here you will see the dimensions of our various ChlorTainer models and potential layouts to consider when determining how ChlorTainer can fit your needs. Customized layouts can be designed when evaluating ChlorTainer for your site.


View a presentation about how ChlorTainer is the safest technology available for chlorine gas containment. In the presentation, you will learn more about what ChlorTainer is and what to do if a leak occurs. This presentation also includes information about the different products offered by ChlorTainer, their maintenance, and additional benefits.