Chemical Safety Products Made In The USA

ChlorTainer produces high-quality containment systems for the safe handling and storage of chemicals. One of the standout features of their products is that they are made entirely in the United States of America. This commitment to domestic manufacturing not only ensures that ChlorTainer’s products are of the highest quality, but it also helps support American jobs and the economy as a whole.

Our use of premium-grade steel, which is sourced from U.S. mills and fabricated by skilled American workers complies with the Build America Buy America Act, meets ASME standards, and is safe for chemicals such as chlorine, anhydrous ammonia, and sulfur dioxide to achieve our goal of Keeping Operators Safe and Protecting our Communities.

By choosing ChlorTainer products, customers can feel confident that they are getting a reliable and durable containment system that is manufactured in the USA. In an era where outsourcing and offshoring have become all too common, ChlorTainer’s commitment to domestic production is a refreshing reminder of the importance of supporting American businesses and workers.