Chlorine Containment For Water Treatment Plants

Chlorine Processing and Leak Mitigation

ChlorTainer Offers the Safest Technology for Chemical Processing and Leak Mitigation

If your organization uses gas or liquid chemicals, you know that they must be stored and handled with utmost care.

ChlorTainer is a high-pressure containment vessel into which a 1-ton or a 150-lb chemical container is processed. If the chemical container should leak, the gas or liquid is contained within the sealed vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chemical is used, and no hazardous waste is generated. No scrubber systems, fans, pumps, tanks, or mechanical systems are required.

All of our vessels are built to ASME code and can easily withstand the maximum pressure produced by a failed container. Industry experts widely recognize ChlorTainer as the safest technology for chemical processing and leak mitigation.

ChlorTainer Introduction Video

Benefits of the ChlorTainer Total Containment System

  • ChlorTainer is the only system that reduces the worst-case off-site release of toxic gas by 97%.
  • Ends the need to handle chemicals in a confined space and eliminates HazMat occupancy classification for indoor sites, so operators enjoy a safer environment and don’t need to work in an enclosed room, as they must with wet or dry scrubber technology.
  • Makes loading of chemical containers simple and easy. The container is placed on the loader system and then easily rolled into the secondary containment vessel. The vacuum regulator is affixed to the top of the ChlorTainer, so a simple yoked connection to the container valve is all that’s needed. The ChlorTainer is then sealed so processing can begin.
  • Makes possible easy, low-cost operation and minimal maintenance because the system is so simple and dependable. No back-up power, additional fans, pumps, tanks, mechanical devices or caustic chemicals are needed. Less equipment means few repairs and easy maintenance.
  • Requires little or no additional construction because ChlorTainer’s loader systems usually fit into an existing facility, which typically minimizes construction, engineering and installation costs. TGO Technologies’ staff is available to help with layout design.
  • Restricts unauthorized access to chemical containers, greatly reducing the likelihood of either malicious or accidental tampering with the container supply valves, which further enhances chemical safety.
  • Works to provide a variety of gas and liquid chemical safety and containment, such as chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide and anhydrous ammonia.
  • Our system is defined as passive for RMP purposes, and is intended to be used as a process system.
  • Protects nearby electronic, electrical or other sensitive equipment even if a container inside should fail, because the sealed ChlorTainer contains the gas or liquid and safeguards its surroundings.
  • Can incorporate additional security features such as heavy-duty door locks with admission-tracking memory.
  • Staff members at ChlorTainer provide 24-hour assistance if your facility has a leak within ChlorTainer.


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