ChlorTainer’s total containment system is used by hundreds of water treatment plants and pump stations across the United States as well as internationally. ChlorTainer helps water treatment plants and industrial facilities lower their costs, minimize equipment maintenance, and enhance safety for their operators and the surrounding communities.
Take a moment to review some of the positive feedback we’ve received from water treatment professionals that are using ChlorTainer’s total containment system.

They Perform Well and Do Their Job

“With the facilities with ChlorTainer in them, we’ve had no issues. They’ve always performed well and do their job. I really appreciate the structure of the engineering that goes behind something like that… they’re an easy part of my day. I don’t have to worry about chemical releases, so it makes our lives a lot easier.”

Wil Tomplait – Maintenance Section Chief, City of Houston, TX

Complete Containment, Complete Protection

“What I would call the standard of excellence for this type of one ton container process safety mitigation is an engineering control that prevents the leak from ever getting to your employees, to the general public, or to the environment to begin with… Complete containment from the get go is the gold standard.”

Scott Gendron – Site Director, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Excellent Customer Service

“[ChlorTainer] has excellent customer service. When I couldn’t get something solved, [they] would direct me to someone else that could answer the question. In fact, they even followed up. I would give it a complete thumbs up on helping. They were able to help me in a direction that satisfied my needs for sure.”

Greg Stinson – Lead Operator, Solano Irrigation District Water Treatment Plant

Very Safe and Efficient

“It’s just a safeguard that I’m really pleased that I have. We don’t want to release chlorine gas into the atmosphere to begin with, but this contains it, and the safeguards and the failsafes in there work extremely well. I haven’t had an issue with it… If I did, I’d be able to handle it with this product. Everything’s going to be contained so it can’t go anywhere until we make it go somewhere. The simplicity of it is great, it’s just a good product; I’m very pleased with them. It’s very safe, very efficient, and I recommend it!”

Mike Holloway – Water Treatment Plant Manager, Walnut Creek, TX

No Safety Issues

“I really love them! They’re simple — easy maintenance, operators love them, no safety issues at all… I’d definitely recommend them!”

Warren Marquette – Capital Projects Manager, City of El Paso, TX

Straightforward as You Can Be

“That [installation] was probably about as straightforward as you can be on these [ChlorTainer]. They come with very good installation instructions, which definitely helps with the installation. It was very easy, they’re very helpful.”

Robby Sanders – Project Manager, Smithco Construction

Simple and Low Maintenance

“The ChlorTainer solution is a very simple, mechanical, full containment solution for the one-ton container. If it does develop a leak for whatever reason, with no human action required, you’ve got full containment of whatever material is inside of the one-ton container. It’s very simple, not a lot of maintenance required. So that’s ultimately what we chose for the site.”

Scott Gendron – Site Director, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

ChlorTainer is a Bonus

“The [existing] wet scrubber system was in pretty bad shape and we needed a new scrubber system. Coming up with a new scrubber would have been expensive so we went with the ChlorTainer. I think the ChlorTainer is a bonus because if a leak is detected it is contained and we can still use the chlorine. It’s not wasted by going through a scrubber.”

Fred Carraway – Drinking Water Operations Section Chief, Houston Water

Fully Contained

“The leak is not going to get outside. They’ve got it fully contained and they can use it [however they want]. Actually, [my client] preferred that they have the ability to make the choice whether to continue to feed from the container and how they want to manage the leakage that’s within the containment vessel. There is no emergency urgency there. [The client’s] preference was, let us get there, evaluate the situation, and then we’ll make the decision based on what we want to do. It removes that element of emergency from the system because there isn’t any leakage to the environment.”

Dan Thompson — P.E., Consultant and leading expert in chemical safety and engineering for the chlorine industry

Safety and Simplicity

“Safety for our operators and the surrounding area [was the primary concern]. The locking door adds extra security from prying hands. It seems to be a fool-proof system. Simplicity is the best ticket.”

Rick Roll – North Little Rock, Arkansas Water Treatment Plant

Very Impressed With ChlorTainer

“We just went through an RMP program, an inspection rather. They had the team that came in and had never really seen [the ChlorTainer], so they were rather impressed. Their thoughts for RMP are more or less, you’re by a school, and chlorine erupts. How do you handle this situation? Well, I explained to them that I have a ventilation system, but I have no scrubber system because if it erupts, that chlorine that’s inside of thereit’s going to stay inside that ChlorTainer. The ChlorTainer then becomes my new chlorine cylinder.

Efron Simon — Production Technical Supervisor, City of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Significant Reliability

“We were pleased to learn about this technology at a water conference, and have noted significant reliability and maintenance advantages through its use as an alternative to scrubbers.”

Sandeep Aggarwal, P.E. – Managing Engineer, Houston Water

Single-handedly Saves the Chlorine Gas Industry

“This technology single-handedly saves the chlorine gas industry, allowing us [at the water treatment site] to continue to use chlorine gas without having to convert to bleach as a disinfectant alternative.”

Scott Rovenpera – Plant Superintendent, Benicia, California Water Treatment Plant

Cost, Safety and Passive

“Cost was a guideline and safety was our primary concern. ‘Passive’ was a selling point to me. It made a very important difference since we are governed by the EPA rules and regulations. The ChlorTainer has a preventative maintenance schedule which requires no special training or skills to complete.”

Ellis DeWell – Assistant Plant Superintendent, Springfield, Ohio Water Treatment Plant

Fit in Areas with Limited Space

“If you have areas where space is limited, and you have tons that you need to have risk management for… I would recommend ChlorTainer. They’re easy to work on, and easy to operate. I’ve had no bad experiences with them. I would definitely recommend ChlorTainer.”

Wil Tomplait – Maintenance Section Chief, City of Houston, TX

Much Preferred to a Scrubber-type Solution

“ChlorTainer was much preferred to a scrubber-type solution, which would require major building modifications. A scrubber system would also have required a six-member, trained response team to be available to deal with a leak within the building. With the vessels, it is all done automatically, with minimal personal exposure. And with two tanks for each gas, we don’t have to suffer any plant process interruption if there is leak containment going on in one of them.”

Wayne Lee – Superintendent Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Slidell, Louisiana

Safest, Most Cost-effective Treatment System Available

“It is always preferable to avoid any Hazmat occupancy because OSHA requires a six-man, trained response team to respond to any release of toxic gas. Since many facilities do not have a six-member team available to address a release. Hazmat occupancy environments are not practical. Total containment is the safest and most cost effective treatment system available.”

George Clifford White – Consulting Engineer and Author of the “Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfections”, Fourth Edition

Big Money Saver

“ChlorTainer is a big money saver, especially compared to scrubber solutions. It meets the fire code and exceeds all other standards. And the dual vessel makes auto switchover of a new container practical. In fact, it virtually takes care of itself.”

Lou Mendes – Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant, CA

Risk Reduction

“Scrubbing is an option to deal with a leak, but the capital expense, the real estate required, the operating expertise, handling additional chemicals…that kind of exceeds the capability of a lot of these smaller users. Whereas the total encapsulation is a mechanical operation. It’s something that is fairly easy for them to grasp, and you get the risk reduction without having to deal with scrubbing systems. This is now an available option I’m familiar with that I’m going to take with me going forward.”

Dan Thompson — P.E., Consultant and leading expert in chemical safety and engineering for the chlorine industry

Safety Insurance

“[The chlorine] is contained and not moving out into the environment anywhere. So as long as I can see that, as long as I can know that the chlorine is contained, I can go home at night and on weekends and sleep and rest and know that everything is okay. We’d rather have the safety insurance that chlorine is trapped.”

Efron Simon — Production Technical Supervisor, City of Lake Charles, Louisiana