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February 4, 2019
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Water Authority Takes Advantage of Special Secondary Containment Vessel for Chlorine Gas Cylinders
June 3, 2019

Secondary Containment Equipment For Chlorine Gas Provides Extra Margin Of Safety For WTP’s Neighborhood

The chief operator for the City of Morgan, LA water treatment plant (WTP), which has safely used chlorine gas for disinfection for over 30 years, reports an added boost to public safety through the installation of special secondary containment equipment, while easing regulatory compliance efforts through their risk management plan (RMP).

“With scrubbers costing a fortune as a means for containing any leaks, we went with gas cylinder containment vessels, and their associated equipment, as a preferred alternative,” he said. “We’ve been pleased with the results for over 10 years now.” “We hadn’t had any serious problems with leaks, but located within 50 ft. of the nearest residence and only a quarter mile from a school, we’re happy to have an extra safety barrier that wasn’t actually mandated. Meanwhile, the separate containment helped us avoid jumping through a lot of hoops for our RMP.”

He added that the equipment provided for automatic shutdown of chlorine feed in the event of a leak, and that it was not a problem for unskilled operators to use it properly. The average 4 MGD plant has an annual flow range of 2.5 to 6.5 MGD.

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