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ChlorTainer’s Double Ton Containment Vessel is Here!

ChlorTainer Provides Safety for Generations in Huntington Beach
For 20 years, ChlorTainer has kept Solano Residents Safe
October 13, 2022
ChlorTainer chemical container. Image of a chlorine technician switching out a ton cylinder of chlorine
Safety for Generations in Huntington Beach with ChlorTainer
October 13, 2022
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Double Ton ChlorTainer. Hazardous chemical containers.

Double Ton ChlorTainer. Hazardous chemical containers.

The Solution to Proactive Mitigation vs. Reactive Measures to a Chemical Release.

We’re excited to introduce the latest in ChlorTainer technology: ChlorTainer’s Double Ton Containment Vessel! The solution to proactive mitigation vs. reactive measures to a chemical release. 

ChlorTainer’s Double Ton high-pressure vessel was built to accommodate TWO standard 1-ton chemical containers to meet the needs of all of our customers. Ideal for facilities using four or more ton containers, the cost-saving vessel eliminates the need for a scrubber, provides a smaller environmental footprint, and by keeping clients on gas vs. switching to an alternative, they will reach their ROI in 10 years.

Double Ton ChlorTainer. Hazardous chemical containers.

Protection and Safety You Can Count On.

Our Double Ton containment vessel not only provides fail-safe protection for plant operators, but it has also been designed to meet and exceed all fire codes and regulations. The 100-year life expectancy, with passive mitigation you can count on, provides enhanced site safety and security with locking doors to prevent unauthorized access to chemicals while protecting operators and the surrounding communities from a chemical release. For RMP purposes, the Double Ton vessel reduces the area affected by 97%!

Double Ton ChlorTainer. Chlorine containment vessels.Simple and Easy Installation.

The Double Ton containment vessel includes an automated loader, and ships complete with a scale. ChlorTainer’s simple installation can be done indoors or outdoors, and full maintenance programs are available along with funding through the USDA and EPA.

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