Chlorine Gas Safety For Large And Small Water Treatment Plants

Safety, Reliability And Responsive Service For Water Plants

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May 11, 2018
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Chlorine Gas Safety For Large And Small Water Treatment Plants

Safety, Reliability And Responsive Service For Water Plants Big And Small

Author: Eric Butterfield
Interviewees: Scott Snethen, Ottawa, KS; and Darren Click, Lovington NM

ChlorTainer systems deliver safety to both large and small water plants. Regardless of the size of their installation, customers remain loyal to ChlorTainer because the company remains responsive and helpful — many years after the initial purchase.

Scott Snethen, superintendent of the water plant in Ottawa, Kansas, describes his experience with ChlorTainer as “wonderful.” Any time he has called to ask a question of the company, he gets answers, manual updates, information about other plants’ best practices, and any products that will help maintain or improve his ChlorTainer system.

Ottawa has had its two One-Ton ChlorTainer vessels since 2004. Thirteen years down the road, Snethen says of the company, “They’ve kept up on their existing customers, not just their new customers.”

The experience has been very similar in Lovington, New Mexico, where Superintendent Darren Click describes the upkeep of his dual-cylinder ChlorTainer system as simple. “I got a list of the parts,” he says, “and whatever I need, I just call them up and they ship it to us.”

Improved Safety

The plant in Lovington, N.M., which serves roughly 4,000 customers, has had its ChlorTainer system for almost 10 years. Click says his plant, which was built in the 1940s, liked the improved safety the cylinders provided. “In my opinion,” he said, “it’s the best system out there — as safe as you can get.” In the case of a chlorine gas leak, “it will be contained and you can pump it into the system.”

Chlorine Gas Safety For Large And Small Water Treatment PlantsCompared to the original system in Lovington, which was leaking into the enclosed building, Click says the ChlorTainer system is “a whole lot safer than what we had.”

Saving money made the decision to go with ChlorTainer even easier. “From what we read,” says Click, “this was going to be a lot less than any other process.”

In Kansas, the Ottawa plant serves more than four times as many customers, delivering water to roughly 17,000 people and treating about 1.5 million gallons daily. One testament to its safety record and its trust in ChlorTainer is that it sits just 100 yards from homes and is only a half-mile from downtown.

Ease of Maintenance

Click oversees a team of six who are responsible for maintaining the ChlorTainer vessels. He describes the responsibility as “pretty much maintenance-free”.

Snethen describes his experience in Ottawa in similar terms. Upkeep on door facings, occasional O-ring and flex line replacements, and so on, are easy to perform, with ChlorTainer providing all necessary parts. Snethen describes his experience over the years with ChlorTainer as “user-friendly,” whereby the company listens to customers, and improves upon its product, delivering upgraded parts to existing customers.

Both Snethen and Click describe the training provided by ChlorTainer as thorough, and say the company is easy to reach and always willing to help.