ChlorTainer Installations are Straightforward as can be in El Paso

ChlorTainer Install are “Straightforward as can be” in El Paso

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February 28, 2023

At ChlorTainer, we provide a proactive approach to protect chemical operators and communities from a chemical release. Recently, we discussed installation logistics for ChlorTainer vessels with Robby Sanders of Smithco Construction Inc., and Warren Marquette of El Paso Water Utilities.

For context, Smithco is a general contractor based in Caballo, New Mexico. Their services extend throughout New Mexico, parts of Arizona, and parts of Texas. El Paso Water Utilities is a non-profit public utility based in El Paso, Texas.

Submittal reviews are a key part of safe installations

General contractors like Smithco Construction Inc. submit detailed reviews before any installation. Sanders is Project Manager at SmithCo and he explains these reviews as essential parts of safe installations for sites involving ChlorTainer containment vessels.

First, a consulting engineer assesses the submission and returns it to the general contractor before it goes to ChlorTainer for additional revision or submission. After final submittal approval, fabrication begins. That’s when Sanders from SmithCo becomes involved.

Several of the installations involving ChlorTainer vessels have been “as straightforward as can be,” Sanders reports. “By the time it gets to us, everything is already laid out: finding what equipment they want and what suppliers they want, that’s all done prior to us getting involved.”

SmithCo has been offering its services since 1969. Their installations often involve working with water systems, wastewater systems, water storage, and water treatment facilities. Most recently, Sanders helped oversee construction for the Airport Booster Station and Ranchos Reyalle in El Paso.

“On the El Paso job,” Sanders continues, “we had potential completion dates but they were pushed due to Covid,” which the reason why they’re still in the construction phase.

El Paso Water has relied on ChlorTainer vessels for 20 years

ChlorTainer containment vessels for wastewater treatment facilities.

Wastewater treatment operators at El Paso Water.

Warren Marquette is the Capital Projects Manager for El Paso Water. He is a project engineer now, yet he has been involved with chlorine, water, and wastewater for over 25 years.

Marquette is very familiar with ChlorTainer vessels. There are two 1-ton vessels for wastewater, one vessel for drinking water, and nearly a dozen 1-ton and 150-pound ChlorTainer vessels throughout El Paso’s water booster stations.

Swapping ChlorTainer vessels at various locations is a quick process.“ A delivery truck brings the vessels, sets them on the conveyer, rolls them in, and takes the old ones off,” Marquette explains. “That’s normal operations at the booster stations. It takes 15–20 minutes tops, and that’s including the inspection.”

Marquette remembers the days when chlorine containment vessels did not have built-in load cells. “The built-in load cells and weight scale requires a simple integration into our systems. It’s pretty seamless as far as integrating it. Plus, the safety valve and regulator connection are a matter of ‘plug and play,’” Marquette shares.

ChlorTainer offers safety for operators and residents in El Paso

Chlortainer Chlorine Containment. Image of ton ChlorTainer container.

A ton ChlorTainer protecting the surrounding community in El Paso, TX.

Double containment vessels offer a proactive way for water utilities like El Paso Water to keep their operators and their community members safe.

As the population of El Paso grows, additional wastewater plants will be needed to meet the demand for fresh drinking water and treated wastewater. We thank Robby Sanders and Warren Marquette for taking the time to discuss their roles in the industry and explain how ChlorTainer helps them to keep safety at the forefront of everything they do.

If your organization uses chlorine gas, anhydrous ammonia, or sulfur dioxide, learn more about our safe and reliable high-pressure secondary containment vessels at or call us at (800) 543-6603.