Chemical Safety And Covid-19, Secondary Containment And Covid-19

Chemical Safety In The Era of Covid-19

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June 16, 2020
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Chemical Safety in the Era of Covid-19

Covid-19 is another reminder that we need to be constantly preparing for disasters, anticipated and unanticipated.

Chemical Safety in the Era of Covid-19

Improving Protection for Your Workers and Community

COVID-19 is another reminder that we need to be prepared for disasters – both anticipated and unanticipated. In the era of COVID-19, we are all thinking ahead about what could go wrong and how we could be better prepared.

ChlorTainer provides a unique secondary containment system for hazardous chemicals, which was originally developed around safety concerns for operators using chlorine gas. Over the years, we’ve adapted the vessels to provide safety for more liquid and gas chemicals such as anhydrous ammonia and sulfur dioxide.

At ChlorTainer, we have worked with clients through many disasters: wildfires in California, flooding from hurricanes in Louisiana and Texas, and now the challenges of COVID-19.

From Challenges Come Opportunities

One of the opportunities that we’ve seen unfolding is the increased use of SCADA. While SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems have become more common, an even more reliable solution exists in a cloud-based SCADA system. A cloud-based SCADA system allows operators to not only monitor levels of specific chemicals and toxins, but to have precise records accessible from anywhere. Now, any operator who needs data can access it from their own satellite or WIFI-enabled device. ChlorTainer has leveraged SCADA to turn simple, passive mitigation into a smart system for remote operations and monitoring.

Chemical Safety in the Era of Covid-19

At ChlorTainer, we have worked with clients through many disasters over the past couple years.

Building in Safety

ChlorTainer has also automated our loader system so one operator can safely load a ton cylinder with the touch of a button. The ChlorTainer bolts to the ground, which helped prevent chemical cylinders from floating away as some did during the flooding from Hurricane Katrina – and it is waterproof. ChlorTainer vessels also include seismic bracing for added safety in earthquake zones.

ChlorTainer is the safest and most reliable technology available to prevent a chemical release. If a cylinder should leak, the gas or liquid chemical is contained within the vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chemicals are used, and no hazardous waste is generated. A ChlorTainer secondary containment system is particularly well-suited for hurricane disasters because it bolts to the foundation, keeping the chemical containers securely in place.

ChlorTainer products employ the safest technology for processing chemicals and reducing the risk of a leak. Click here or call us at (800) 543-6603 for a quote or consultation.