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What Our Customers Say

  • Ellis DeWell  - Assistant Plant Superintendent
    Cost was a guideline and safety was our primary concern. 'Passive' was a selling point to made a very important difference since we are governed by the EPA rules and regulations. The ChlorTainer has a preventative maintenance schedule which requires no special training or skills to complete.
    Ellis DeWell - Assistant Plant Superintendent
    Springfield, Ohio Water Treatment Plant
  • Rick Roll
    Safety for our operators and the surrounding area [was the primary concern]. The locking door adds extra security from prying hands. It seems to be a fool-proof system. Simplicity is the best ticket
    Rick Roll
    North Little Rock, Arkansas Water Treatment Plant
  • Lou Mendes
    ChlorTainer is a big money saver, especially compared to scrubber solutions. It meets the fire code and exceeds all other standards. And the dual vessel makes auto switchover of a new container practical. In fact, it virtually takes care of itself.
    Lou Mendes
    Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant, CA
  • Scott Rovenpera - Plant Superintendent
    This technology single-handedly saves the chlorine gas industry, allowing us [at the water treatment site] to continue to use chlorine gas without having to convert to bleach as a disinfectant alternative.
    Scott Rovenpera - Plant Superintendent
    Benicia, California Water Treatment Plant
  • George Clifford White - Consulting Engineer
    It is always preferable to avoid any Hazmat occupancy because OSHA requires a six man trained response team to respond to any release of toxic gas. Since many facilities do not have a six member team available to address a release, Hazmat occupancy environments are not practical. Total containment is the safest and most cost effective treatment system available.
    George Clifford White - Consulting Engineer
    Author of the "Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfections, Fourth Edition
  • Wayne Fujiwara - Plant Operator
    Total Containment is easier [to use] than a scrubber. It does what is says it will do and we don't have to worry about leaks.
    Wayne Fujiwara - Plant Operator
    Maui Water Treatment Plant