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Safe Chlorine Containment Vessels


ChlorTainer’s compact, sealed, secondary containment vessel provides the ultimate in chlorine gas safety

Industry experts widely recognize total containment as the safest technology for chlorine processing and leak mitigation.


ChlorTainer is a high-pressure containment vessel into which a 1-Ton or 150-lb chlorine gas cylinder is processed. If the cylinder should leak, chlorine gas is contained within the vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chlorine gas is used and no hazardous waste is generated.


ChlorTainer is easy to operate and maintain. It reduces chlorine exposure and prevents hazardous waste generation.  The system does not require backup emergency power to contain gas releases and offers protection during seismic events.

Chlorine Gas Containment Vessel


Installation is simple, keeping costs low

Because ChlorTainer is self-contained, no engineering or construction is required.  Its simple, passive design means no pumps, fans, scrubbers or caustic circulation systems are needed.


Position the total containment system on a concrete pad and bolt it down.  The system can be installed outdoors or within a ventilated room.  It only needs shelter from the rain and snow.


As experts in total chlorine containment technology, our team is available to offer room layout suggestions, along with any technical specifications you need to ensure your project is a success.

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What Our Customers Say

  • George Clifford White - Consulting Engineer
    It is always preferable to avoid any Hazmat occupancy because OSHA requires a six man trained response team to respond to any release of toxic gas. Since many facilities do not have a six member team available to address a release, Hazmat occupancy environments are not practical. Total containment is the safest and most cost effective treatment system available.
    George Clifford White - Consulting Engineer
    Author of the "Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfections, Fourth Edition
  • Lou Mendes
    ChlorTainer is a big money saver, especially compared to scrubber solutions. It meets the fire code and exceeds all other standards. And the dual vessel makes auto switchover of a new container practical. In fact, it virtually takes care of itself.
    Lou Mendes
    Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant, CA
  • Wayne Fujiwara - Plant Operator
    Total Containment is easier [to use] than a scrubber. It does what is says it will do and we don't have to worry about leaks.
    Wayne Fujiwara - Plant Operator
    Maui Water Treatment Plant
  • Wayne Lee - Superintendent Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant
    ChlorTainer was much preferred to a scrubber-type solution, which would require major building modifications. A scrubber system would also have required a six-member, trained response team to be available to deal with a leak within the building.  With the vessels, it is all done automatically, with minimal personal exposure.  And with two tanks for each gas, we don't have to suffer any plant process interruption if there is leak containment going on in one of them.
    Wayne Lee - Superintendent Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant
    City of Slidell, Louisiana
  • Rick Roll
    Safety for our operators and the surrounding area [was the primary concern]. The locking door adds extra security from prying hands. It seems to be a fool-proof system. Simplicity is the best ticket
    Rick Roll
    North Little Rock, Arkansas Water Treatment Plant
  • Ellis DeWell  - Assistant Plant Superintendent
    Cost was a guideline and safety was our primary concern. 'Passive' was a selling point to made a very important difference since we are governed by the EPA rules and regulations. The ChlorTainer has a preventative maintenance schedule which requires no special training or skills to complete.
    Ellis DeWell - Assistant Plant Superintendent
    Springfield, Ohio Water Treatment Plant
  • Scott Rovenpera - Plant Superintendent
    This technology single-handedly saves the chlorine gas industry, allowing us [at the water treatment site] to continue to use chlorine gas without having to convert to bleach as a disinfectant alternative.
    Scott Rovenpera - Plant Superintendent
    Benicia, California Water Treatment Plant