Industrial Chemical Safety

Managing Chemical Safety In Industrial Water Treatment

How Do You Manage Chemical Safety?

Failsafe Protection for Plant Operators using
Toxic Chemicals

ChlorTainer provides plant safety for a variety of industrial plant applications.

Industries Include but Are Not Limited To:
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Refining & Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

*Note that this is not an exhaustive list. ChlorTainer is an ideal safety solution wherever gas or liquid chemicals are used. Scroll down for an extensive list of industry applications.

Keeping Operators Safe. Protecting Our Communities.

What Is ChlorTainer?

  • ChlorTainer provides failsafe protection for plant operators working with toxic chemicals.
  • If the cylinder should leak, the gas or liquid chemical is contained within the vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chemicals are used, and no hazardous waste is generated.
  • ChlorTainer is a high-pressure containment vessel into which a 1-ton or a 150-lb cylinder is processed.
  • No scrubber systems, fans, pumps, tanks, or mechanical systems are required.
  • All of our vessels are built to ASME code and can easily withstand the maximum pressure produced by a failed cylinder. Industry experts widely recognize ChlorTainer as the safest technology for gas or liquid chemical processing and leak mitigation.
  • Multiple vessel configurations are available to cater to your specific needs for 1-ton and 150-lb cylinders. All come with a 2-bolt chain drive closure, a scale, and a loader system.
Easy, Cost-Efficient Plant Safety

“In my opinion, the ChlorTainer secondary containment system is the most robust, cost efficient, and easiest to operate/maintain equipment on the market to deal with the potential process safety risks associated with chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and other pressurized chemical cylinders. Our site is very satisfied with our purchase and support of the product”.

—Stephen Gendron
Gulf Coast Chemical Manufacturing Site Director

Managing Chemical Safety In Industrial Water Treatment

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Benefits Of ChlorTainer:

  • ChlorTainer is the only system that reduces the worst-case, off-site release of toxic gas or liquid by 97%.
  • ChlorTainer enhances site security and provides fail-safe protection for plant operators.
  • The vessel provides safe, dependable, and trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. The annual maintenance takes about one hour and approximately $200.
  • Our system is defined as passive for RMP purposes and is intended to be used as a process system.
  • Ends the need to handle toxic chemicals in a confined space and eliminates HazMat occupancy classification for indoor sites, so operators can enjoy a safer environment.
  • With a life expectancy of no less than 100 years, ChlorTainer is a cost-effective and practical treatment system.
Safest, Most Cost-Effective System Available

“Installing the ChlorTainer equipment was accomplished by our own employees with assistance from an electrical contractor. Changing containers/cylinders is straightforward and added very little to the time it takes us to handle chlorine. Furthermore, maintenance of the ChlorTainers is simple and not at all burdensome. The bottom line is we are extremely pleased with ChlorTainer’s people, equipment, service and, of greatest importance to us, with the protection provided by the containment vessels. We had no scope nor quality issues – the product met, and continues to meet our requirements. I would give ChlorTainer the highest of ratings for performance – 5 out of 5.”

—Patrick J. Kerr
President and CEO, Baton Rouge Water Company

Safest, Most Cost-Effective Chlorine Gas Saftey Water Treatment

ChlorTainer Introduction Video

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Detail of Additional Industries Served:

Some of the Industries Who Can Improve Safety with ChlorTainer

Indoor Food:

  • Human Drinking Water Systems
  • Food Processing Water Systems
  • Egg Handling Equipment (Commercial)
  • Food Processing Plant Equipment (Food Contact)
  • Meat Processing Plant Equipment (Food Contact)
  • Poultry Processing Plant Equipment (Food Contact)
  • Fish/Seafood Processing Plant Equipment (Food Contact)
  • Food Processing Plant Premises (Nonfood Contact)
  • Meat Processing Plant Premises (Nonfood Contact)
  • Poultry Processing Plant Premises (Nonfood Contact)
  • Fish/Seafood Processing Plant Premises (Nonfood Contact)

Indoor Non-Food:

  • Pasteurizer/Warmer/Cannery Cooling Water Systems
  • Hatcheries/Egg Facilities/Brooder Rooms/Shoe Baths