ChlorTainer® is the safest, most reliable
technology available for processing and
preventing a chlorine gas release.

Safest Technology Available

ChlorTainer will reduce the area affected by 97%, providing the safest technology to operators and the surrounding community

What is ChlorTainer?

  • ChlorTainer is a high-pressure secondary containment vessel into which a 1-Ton or 150-lb chlorine gas cylinder is processed. It can also be used with sulfur dioxide and anhydrous ammonia.

  • All vessels are built to ASME code and can easily withstand the maximum pressure produced by a failed cylinder.

  • If the cylinder should leak, chlorine gas is contained within the vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chlorine gas is used, and no hazardous waste is generated.

In the event of a leak inside ChlorTainer, what do you do?


Continue to process at a normal rate until all of the chlorine is used

Because the system is under vacuum, there is no waste

Ton Chlorine Container Vessel

Vacuum Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge and switch is used to detect a chlorine leak from a chlorine gas cylinder while it is sealed within ChlorTainer.

  • Signal is sent to SCADA and Operator notified of release

  • Chlorine processes at normal rate until scale shows cylinder is empty

  • Vacuum regulator transfers to secondary Bossett for leaked gas to process at normal rate

  • The contained chlorine gas cylinder is allowed to operate until emptied before the containment system vessel door can be reopened

Minimal Maintenance

  • Replace the O-ring on the door once a year

  • Repack fail-safe ball valve once every five years

  • Annual cost is $200 and takes about half an hour of time

Chlorine Gas Safety Technology

Dependable & Reliable

The simpler things are, the less likely they are to fail.

  • In a worst case release scenario, ChlorTainer will reduce the area affected by 97%

  • ChlorTainer is considered “passive” – it does not require any electronic or mechanical devices to contain a release

  • Built to ASME code

  • Can easily withstand the maximum pressure produced by a failed cylinder

  • Includes scale loader and SCADA options

  • Long life expectancy with minimal maintenance

  • Made in the USA

Loader Customization to Meet Your Needs

Ease of Installation

  • ChlorTainer simply bolts down to the ground

  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors, as long as it is sheltered from direct sunlight and rain

Ton Chlorine Containment Vessel

Single 150 Container Vessel

Built to accommodate one 150-pound chlorine cylinder, the single ChlorTainer vessel comes with a 2-bolt chaindrive door that opens and closes in less than a minute.

Single Chlorine Gas Container Vessel

Twin 150 Container Vessel

The Twin Container Vessel is built to accommodate two 150-pound chlorine cylinders. In twin cylinder mode, both cylinders are processed simultaneously.

Dual 150 Chlorine Container Vessel

Dual 150 Container Vessel

  • Accommodates two 150-pound chlorine cylinders.

  • Gas from only one cylinder is processed at a time.

  • When the first cylinder is empty, the feed is automatically switched to the second cylinder.

  • In the event of an external release, the chlorine sensor will detect the leak and send a signal to the fail-safe valve, which will then cycle close.

Twin 150 ChlorTainer Vessel

Benefits of ChlorTainer

  • ChlorTainer is the only system that reduces the worst-case offsite release of toxic gas by 97%
  • Eliminates the need for scrubber systems, fans, pumps, tanks, or mechanical systems
  • Eliminates the need for an OSHA Emergency Response Team
  • Provides safe, dependable, and trouble-free operation
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors as long as it is sheltered from direct sunlight and rain
  • ChlorTainer is intended to be used as a process system
  • Works to provide safety containment not only for chlorine gas, but also sulfur dioxide and anhydrous ammonia
  • System is defined as passive for the purpose of the RMP
  • ChlorTainer can be connected to several safety devices such as SCADA, chlorine detection, or seismic detection
  • ChlorTainer enhances site security and provides fail-safe protection for plant operators
  • Locking doors prevent unauthorized access to the chlorine cylinders

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